Q: My site shows up on my phone. That means it’s mobile-friendly, right?
A: Not necessarily. Most sites will show up on a smartphone, but unless they have been designed with mobile in mind they won’t provide a great user experience. A truly mobile-friendly site is tailored to the needs of mobile users and the capabilities of mobile devices.
Q: I can’t afford to build a mobile site. Can it wait?
A: Sure it can wait…if you’re willing to risk missing out on a ton of business. Soon, more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices than desktop computers1. By 2015, mobile commerce will reach $119 billion worldwide2. Can you afford to wait while your competitors beat you to the punch?
Q: I don’t think my customers are mobile. Isn’t that mostly for teenagers?
A: Absolutely not. 85% of Americans age 18 and over have a mobile phone, including 68% of people over age 653. What’s even more amazing is how quickly mobile usage is growing. By 2015, there will be more than 7.1 billion mobile devices in use.3

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