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We here at Webaloo not only partner with you to create a fabulous web presence, we build and maintain relationships; giving you the most personal, professional, and easy-to-use services available.

When the president of Namar Publishing approached us, we assembled our web team and met face-to-face to discuss their needs and expectations.

The client had an existing website, which was included with the purchase of the company several years before. Unfortunately, their web presence was obsolete, which required them hire a programmer to update their pages. Using this process for website updates was slow and frustrating.

Namar Publishing came to Webaloo in search of a solution.

Namar Publishing is the editor of the Attorney's/Secretary's Legal Handbook for 6 states and a source of vital information for the legal community. Not only was the ability to purchase books and communicate with their clients an ordeal; but posting updates to the books, (an essential part of the legal business) was practically impossible and produced serious problems for their users.

Webaloo met with Namar Publishing and listened carefully to their needs and expectations.